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A Message From Christopher Ahn


Enough is Enough. Free Chris Ahn

For the past four years, you have stood by me as I navigated the complicated maze of the judicial system, focusing on legal strategies that my amazing attorneys believed would best put me in a position to resolve my predicament. And for these last four years, you have given me your unwavering faith, for which, I am deeply grateful.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in this journey where we switch from focusing only on legal strategies to actively reaching out to the public and letting people know what is happening. We have always known that the true resolution of this situation would ultimately be powered by the collective voices and their strength of those who know my story and are compelled to help. But in order best increase our chances, our approach has been for me to remain behind the scenes until the right time.

I believe the time to speak out has come.

Over the coming months, you'll see more of me. I'll be joining podcast discussions, appearing in news programs, and creating shareable social media content. Our mission is to get the word out there, to ensure that anyone that cares about the humanitarian crisis that is occurring in North Korea, anyone that is upset that the American government is turning their back on those who are helping people escape that hellish regime, and anyone who believes that common sense and decency should win over bureaucracy and politics, can help in a real impactful way.

To all of you who wish to help, a hearty thank you. The "Ways To Help" section on this website will guide you, providing you with a map to walk this path alongside us. Every step taken, every voice raised, brings us closer to justice.

To every supporter, to every friend, to everyone who’s been a beacon of hope in these trying times, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your encouragement fuels me, your support propels me forward. I invite you to sign up for updates and to stay tuned as we continue this journey together. In unity, there is strength. In strength, there is hope.

With gratitude,

Christopher Ahn

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Please help Christopher fight extradition and assassination by North Korea.
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