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The Heartbreak of Christopher Ahn - Project Brazen Article

Free Joseon attempts to aid in the defection of the North Korean embassy staff in Madrid, Spain.

After Judge Rosenbluth released her decision and reluctantly certified the extradition request, Project Brazen author, Bradley Hope, published an article detailing the decision and the apparent difficulty she had making that decision.

What's most remarkable about the ruling itself is the genuine heart-ache of the Judge Jean Rosenbluth as she found no way to stop an extradition she felt was completely wrong.

Here is also a quote from Judge Rosenbluth from her decision:

"Although I conclude that the law requires me to certify, I do not think it’s the right result, and I hope that a higher court will either tell me I’m wrong or itself block the extradition."


Based on what I know, I believe that extraditing Ahn to Spain would be “antipathetic” to our common “sense of decency,” the standard first set out for a humanitarian exception to extradition.

Here is the link to the article titled, "The Heartbreak of Christopher Ahn".

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