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A message from Christopher Ahn

I am forever grateful for the amazing support I have received.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

The encouragement and love I have received from around the world has given me more strength and hope than you can possibly imagine. I cannot articulate the immensity of my gratitude. I trust that this nightmare will be over soon, thanks to each and everyone of your efforts. 

Thank you. 

-Christopher Ahn


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Ways To Help

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The financial support I have received has helped sustain me and my fight. Thank you so very much for your generosity.

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The more people know about my situation, the more likely Congressional members and leaders will act. 

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Profesional Work

Facilitating North Korean diplomat defections isn't the only facilitation I do. I also facilitate workshops professionally.

Who is
Christopher Ahn


In 2019, Christopher was asked to assist in a mass defection of North Korean officials from the embassy in Madrid, Spain. Unfortunately, it was not successful.

Since then, Christopher has been fighting the US government's attempt to extradite him to Spain on behalf of the North Korean government, even though the FBI has confirmed that the North Korea government will attempt to assassinate him.

Why the US is doing this, we still do not know.


We continue to fight this extradition.​

Ways To Help

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